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Kinettix Global Advisor & WorkMarket Publish Retail Deployment Whitepaper

By Kinettix Inc October 11, 2018

Want to make your retail deployment workforce smarter? A new whitepaper that was written by..

Smarter MSP Interviews Kinettix Founder & CEO Chad Mattix

By Kinettix Inc October 10, 2018

How can managed service providers expand their IT capabilities internationally?

That’s the..

Kinettix Hires IT Veteran With Expertise in Global IT Deployment and Expansion

By Kinettix Inc September 20, 2018

Bob Supinger brings 20 years of experience to help companies scale internationally. 


Beyond Beijing: Chinese Markets Ripe For Your Tech Deployment

By Chad Mattix August 29, 2018

Thinking about jumping into the exciting, ripe-with-opportunity Chinese market? If the answer is..

How to Get IT Equipment Through Customs in China

By Bob Supinger August 8, 2018

The best executed global IT deployments can be tripped up by running afoul of customs officials...

Taxes, Laws, and Regulations in China That Will Impact Your Tech Deployment

By Chad Mattix July 18, 2018

When deciding to pursue your next IT project in China, there are some specific “China-centric”..

Guanxi: The Term You Need to Know For Doing Business in China

By Chad Mattix July 11, 2018

In the United States, the gears of business are greased through traditions like the power lunch..

The Top 10 Kinettix Blog Posts That Managed Service Providers Are Reading

By Bob Supinger June 28, 2018

At Kinettix, our goal is to help you execute a successful global IT deployment, wherever in the..




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