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A Guide to Taxes and Tax Incentives in India

By Chad Mattix December 19, 2018

Considering doing business in India? You’re not alone. India's GDP growth of 7.3 percent makes..

How to Find Field Service Techs & Navigate Labor Laws in India

By Chad Mattix December 17, 2018

Finding skilled field service techs and other IT professionals in India is not difficult,..

4 Tips for a Successful Retail Tech Deployment in India

By Chad Mattix December 12, 2018

For global retailers expanding internationally and the managed service providers that support..

The IT Landscape in India: What Global Retailers & Telecoms Need to Know

By Chad Mattix December 10, 2018

India has been undergoing digital transformation at a fever pace and is on track to multiply the..

Tech Startup Founder Phil Fannin Joins Kinettix as VP of Business Development

By Kinettix Inc November 16, 2018

Kinettix, a global leader in providing IT field technicians and break/fix dispatches to..

How to Grow Your Business & Build Your Reputation as an IT Support Vendor

By Bob Supinger November 1, 2018

With the rise of IoT, the roll-out of 5G, and broadband bandwidth increasing across the globe,..

Kinettix Seeks IT Support Vendors for Global Alliance

By Bob Schwieterman (PMP) October 30, 2018

Is your IT team in Botswana the best in the business? Or do all the companies in Seychelles come..

Is Your Retail Technology Ready for the 2018 Holiday Season?

By Bob Supinger October 17, 2018

Retail isn’t dead, or as studies show, even on life-support. For every Sears — which just..




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