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With the rise of IoT, the roll-out of 5G, and broadband bandwidth increasing across the globe, this is an exciting time to be an IT support vendor.

That said, it’s also a bit like a Wild West gold rush. Everyone’s out there prospecting in the wilderness hoping to make it big.  

Because of the crowds, it can be tough to get noticed if you are an independent. But if you are a support vendor and want to partner with a larger entity, that may be just what you need to boost your business and your reputation.

Join a Global Alliance of Partners

Kinettix is one member in an emerging class of businesses: A seamless global IT field tech framework. We partner with the best tech talent across the world to help people solve IT problems seamlessly and quickly wherever they are.

Consider joining Kinettix’s global alliance of international IT partners. This is a mutually beneficial relationship that provides an excellent opportunity for you to grow your business, burnish your reputation, and increase your scale. We employ standard partner agreements and dispense payments through wire services in local currency or U.S. dollars.

While we are seeking IT talent in all areas, we are currently seeking specialists in structured distribution (copper and fiber cabling) and device installation (CPE, router, wireless access points).

If you have certifications with Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, ISO or any others, those are skills that could definitely find a home at Kinettix. Techs who have strong experience with staging and device integration, providing OEM warranty support, and network and cabling support are also of great value.

There are markets where the need for field tech services are quite acute because the sector is booming. Specifically, Brazil, Russia, India, and China come to mind, but if you are a specialist, we need you regardless of location.

Why Global Field Techs Are Needed describes the need for global field techs like this:

“Companies can leverage technology to deliver better experiences. By allowing companies to access on-demand talent, with the skills and knowledge necessary to complete technical assignments, telecoms and other tech players are dramatically improving customer experience, without the overhead of a traditional (old school) global support team.”

Kinettix is one of these companies striving to improve the customer experience. One of the reasons we’re recruiting top-flight talent from across the globe is so we can maintain cultural competency and fluency wherever we are. We understand that each country has its own culture, language, and labyrinth of local regulations that one must navigate. That’s why we are always looking for experienced IT partners to join our alliance.

A local tech will know the IT stuff — that’s a given. However, an often overlooked aspect of global field tech services is being able to deliver fast, and that means knowing the landscape literally and figuratively.

If a company needs a router installed in Morocco, a local IT guru steeped in the culture of Casablanca will know how to gain access to the facility and understand the local requirements for compliance, whereas an American tech might not. Oracle expands upon the importance of pairing cultural fluency with tech in this well-written piece.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are one of the many great IT support vendors around the world, consider joining the Kinettix global alliance.




Bob Supinger

Written by: Bob Supinger

With over 16 years of management experience in business and Information Technology, Bob has helped Kinettix build the infrastructure required to establish itself as a true leader in global IT field services, and in particular rapid response on-site troubleshooting and repair. At Kinettix, Bob leads field services, project management and vendor development organizations. His responsibilities also include operational P&L and expense control; operational strategy and overseeing plan execution; recruiting, employee engagement and development; ongoing process improvement; and customer experience. Before joining Kinettix, Bob worked for Comcast Business, Enterprise Solutions, and Contingent Network Services. He attended Edison State and Wright State University and attained a Degree in Business in 1999. He participated in and coached collegiate athletics and is currently the president of a non-profit organization supporting youth athletic programs in the community.





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