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How to Leverage Digital Signage Across Multiple Industries

By Bob Supinger September 26, 2019

Digital signage is a modern way of providing information or interactive experiences to consumers,..

4 Things to Consider Before Undertaking a Cuban IT Deployment

By Bob Supinger June 28, 2019

Doing business in Cuba has been historically difficult. However, diplomatic tensions between this..

What Is SD-WAN & How Can It Enhance Your Retail IT Deployment?

By Bob Supinger April 29, 2019

Software-defined wide-area networks—also known as SD-WAN—are becoming increasingly popular among..

What IT Support Vendors Should Look for in a Partner Agreement

By Bob Supinger February 5, 2019

There is currently a vast abundance of opportunity for ambitious IT vendors looking to grow through..

4 Things IT Support Vendors Should Be Prepared For When Partnering With Kinettix

By Bob Supinger January 23, 2019

Many global retail, telecom, and large organizations as well as entire countries and geographic..

How to Grow Your Business & Build Your Reputation as an IT Support Vendor

By Bob Supinger November 1, 2018

With the rise of IoT, the roll-out of 5G, and broadband bandwidth increasing across the globe, this..

Is Your Retail Technology Ready for the 2018 Holiday Season?

By Bob Supinger October 17, 2018

Retail isn’t dead, or as studies show, even on life-support. For every Sears — which just announced 

How to Get IT Equipment Through Customs in China

By Bob Supinger August 8, 2018

The best executed global IT deployments can be tripped up by running afoul of customs officials...

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