How to Increase Digital Signage ROI in 2020

How to Increase Digital Signage ROI in 2020

As more and more retailers implement digital signage, it can be easy to get caught up in the trends and deploy displays simply to keep up with the competition. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, we want to make sure your digital signage ROI is strong and that your efforts there are worthwhile

Make Your Digital Signage Work for You 

The new year is a great time to re-evaluate strategy and get up-to-date with trends. Here are five tips to help you get the most out of your existing and/or new displays in 2020.

1. Create great content.

If you don’t have excellent content to display on your signage, you might as well not have them at all. This sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. People are so overwhelmed with content and information in today’s digital world that we’ve developed the skills to easily tune out information that is meaningless to us. Create great content that your audience and visitors want to see.

2. Use calls-to-action.

Now that you’ve captured visitors’ attention with your great content, ask them to do something. You have valuable real estate in front of their eyes, so make sure you take advantage of it. For example, you could ask your viewers to leave a review on Google or your social media page. Make it easy on them and go one step farther: include a QR code they can scan to take them directly to the review page. Or, ask them to take and share photos of something in your store.

3. Integrate with the rest of your store.

Your digital signage is an extension of your brand within your store. You’ll want to be consistent with your branding, colors, fonts and even your voice in your copy. This will give your visitors a consistent experience. Depending on your store and what types of technology you already have, brainstorm ways that you can integrate the digital signage technology to take your visitors on an immersive experience.

4. Choose the size and position of your signs strategically.

Yes, the size, shape and positioning of your digital signage are all important aspects of your digital signage strategy. Bigger is not always better, however — choosing too small of a screen can become an issue if you try to display too much information on it at once. Make sure your signs won’t be in the sun or directly under a light that could cause a glare, otherwise your visitors won’t interact with them very much.

5. Share interesting information.

If you have fun facts about your products or brand, this is a great place to share them. Depending on where your signs are located, including interesting information can keep bored shoppers entertained or help a long wait in line feel shorter. You can also use this opportunity to educate your visitors about your product, especially if people have an initial resistance to purchase.

Keep Up with Digital Signage Trends

As with anything, trends are always growing and changing. Here are four of the biggest digital signage trends you should be aware of while crafting your deployment strategy for the new year.

1. Facial Recognition

Facial recognition has been a growing trend over the past few years. For digital signage, this means that AI can help you understand things about your visitors such as demographics and use that to inform you of patterns in your customer base.

2. Unconventional Screens

Another new trend is installing screens that are a little different. This might mean the screens are oddly positioned, like wrapping around a corner or oddly shaped, like curved screens. Either way, unconventional screens are becoming increasingly popular.

3. Personalized Content

Once you’ve gathered information on your customers, either through facial recognition or another means, you can use that to showcase personalized content on your digital signage. For example, if you know a customer of a particular demographic is likely to purchase one particular product, you could play a video about that product when someone matching that demographic walks by.

4. All-in-One Hardware

Gone are the days when you needed to purchase a separate media player to make your digital signage work. While those media players are still an option, you’re also likely to see more all-in-one hardware options, too.

If you already have displays installed, you’ll want to make sure you’re continually checking on them. Like any other marketing strategy, your approach to digital signage might need to change. The only way you’ll know is by monitoring your analytics and the displays’ performance. By evaluating both your strategy and hardware, in turn, you can ensure your digital displays are generating an ROI for your business.

If you are looking to increase your digital signage ROI in 2020, contact Kinettix. Our experienced team can help you determine which displays are best for your space and install the latest features and hardware, so your organization is ready to take on the new year. From planning to deployment, partnering with Kinettix helps you navigate the ever-evolving world of digital signage with ease and ensures you get the most out of your investment. 


Chad Mattix

Written by: Chad Mattix

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