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Why Not Designing Your Technology Deployments Drives Techs Crazy

By Jack Cook April 19, 2018

You’ve known this time was coming for a long time. You thought about it for months, maybe years...

Why You Need a BOM Analysis for an IT Deployment in Russia

By Chad Mattix April 17, 2018

An IT deployment to any country is challenging, with reams of paperwork, bureaucratic..

The Do’s and Don’ts of Retail IT Deployments in Russia

By Chad Mattix April 12, 2018

Imagine your company has the opportunity to supply POS equipment to a chain of upscale clothing..

How to Navigate Russian Accounting & Taxes in IT Deployments

By Chad Mattix April 10, 2018

Russia can be a lucrative place to do business. You have your telecom or retail game in perfect..

How to Conduct Retail Technology Deployment Design Workshops

By Lisa Cook, OPL Technologies April 5, 2018

When preparing for your retail technology deployments, a great way to facilitate and organize..

How to Overcome the Challenges of Importing IT Equipment into Russia

By Chad Mattix March 30, 2018

Russia occupies a prized perch in the Top 20 world economies by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in..

The Key Components of a Retail Deployment Design

By Lisa Cook, OPL Technologies March 28, 2018

A retail deployment design is a document that outlines exactly how all tasks included in the..

The Financial Benefits of Designing Retail Technology Deployments

By Lisa Cook, OPL Technologies March 19, 2018

When I start talking to people about designing their retail technology points, they very quickly..




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